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Beyond the Porch

Six-Week Bible Study
Overcoming Our Giants

Now Available!

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ABOUT the Bible Study

Whatever struggle or hardship you may be experiencing, Beyond the Porch will give you hope and new revelation for living with the expectation of God’s divine intervention. You will learn and practice spiritual disciplines that will enable you to choose to focus your eyes on Christ in all circumstances.


God provides some life-changing insights into overcoming the giants in our lives. People make essential choices that either hinder their spiritual journey or enable them to walk confidently in faith despite difficult circumstances.


Deb has the gift of encouragement and shares with a vulnerability that will allow you to quickly relate and engage with her stories and teaching. From Christ-centered observations to lessons learned from her life journey, she will motivate you to overcome your giants and live a surrendered and victorious life.


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I haven’t done a Bible study in a long time. The last time I did I felt overwhelmed with too much homework. This study is so real, and simple yet stirs up my emotions and reminds me of God's love and grace! I just bought a copy for my young adult daughter too! Young or old, this is a very good study!

DeeAnna Doddridge

The book, View from the Porch cover image

A View from the Porch

Overcoming Our Giants

Now Available!

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Although all of us face difficult circumstances, some people seem to receive more than their fair share of pain and suffering. Even if you feel like life throws the heaviest challenges your way, you have the chance to make essential choices that either hinder your spiritual journey or enable you to walk confidently in faith, despite the giants that you face.

In A View from the Porch: Overcoming Our Giants, author Deb Weisen shares life-changing stories of hope and encouragement that bring insight and revelation into whatever struggle or hardship you may be experiencing. Without whitewashing the truth or pretending that suffering isn’t real, Deb explores how you can change your entire view of life by refocusing your eyes on Christ. After finding herself stuck on the porch of despair, Deb learned to “look up,” and through each chapter of spiritual truth, she will inspire you to do the same.

​For over twenty years, this book has been written in Deb's mind and heart, and now you can share in her treasures of wisdom gained from a life of joy, heartache, and the victory of Jesus. From Christ-centered observations to lessons learned from her own children, the stories within Deb's motivational work will bring you to tears, fill you with laughter, and give you the courage to press on. Discover how you can hear the voice of God in any season, situation, or place, even your own porch.

It's time to live with great expectation that triumphs over thoughts of fear and doubt.


With A View from the Porch, you will begin to

Look up,

Rise up, &

Conquer the giants in your life!


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This book is a captivating 107 pages which, at first glance, I thought I would read in a couple of sittings. As I read through the first 2 chapters, I found myself being challenged to ponder the questions she asked the reader and to evaluate my own walk with God and the "giants" I face.   My favorite chapters are her account of time in Sri Lanka. Her realization of how big a God we actually serve and how small her perspective of him was brought tears to my eyes and I realized I have the same small perspective most of the time. 

Sandy Solis

Deb and her husband


When I think about all that God has created and all he wants to do for you and me, I stand in awe.  Together, let's revel in the freedom he gives and the power he has to break every chain.  Let's come together and realize that every day we choose our attitude and we choose whom we will trust. 


David said, "You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied." 
1 Samuel 17:45


  • What giants do you need to face down?

  • What fear or addiction do you need help walking through?

  • What situation has your entire focus and is sucking your energy?

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